The requirements that companies must meet to obtain Friend of the Earth certification for sustainable agriculture include:

  • A well organised environmental management procedure;
  • A system of protection of the ecosystem and implementation of areas dedicated to the conservation of wild flora and fauna;
  • The reduction of the use of chemically synthetic substances according to the principles of organic or integrated agriculture;
  • The planning and implementation of suitable cultivation rotations and plant fertilization;
  • Biological control, the rational use of water resources and the collection of rainwater;
  • Minimization of mechanical operations on the ground and its compaction;
  • The use of energy from renewable sources;
  • Control of gas emissions and greenhouse effect and the implementation of systems to reduce them;
  • Social responsibility.

Technical Documents


As a first step you need to download, compile and return to the preliminary information Questionnaire (PIF):

  • The PIF does not oblige the applying company to commit to proceeding with the audit phase.
  • Any checks before the audit are free of charge.
  • All information will be kept strictly confidential.