Sustainable Fashion

What is sustainable fashion?

The Sustainable Fashion Movement is one which fosters change within the fashion industry, addressing not only the ecological integrity and sustainability of fashion textiles and products but also social justice from the perspective of producers and end users. 

The goal of Friend of the Earth’s Sustainable Fashion certification is to ensure the profit and growth of the industry whilst also creating new value and deeper wealth for society and therefore for the world economy. They believe that clothing companies ought to place environmental, social, and ethical improvements on management’s agenda in order to produce ethical clothing lines and sustainable fashion brands and promote sustainable fashion designers through the following activities: 

Sustainable Fashion Practices

Friend of the Earth certified fashion and textiles originates from Friend of the Earth certified agricultural, farming or recycled products that are produced respecting the environment and workers.

For more information on specific requirements, please consult the certification requirements. These include the Friend of the Earth standards for Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Farming, as well as the standard for Sustainable Textile Processing.

The second Ethical and Sustainable Showroom, will open on the 20th of September 2022 until the 26th September 2022.

The third Ethical and Sustainable Showroom, will open on the 21th of February 2023 until the 27th February 2023.

The fourth Ethical and Sustainable Showroom edition took place from September 19th to September 25th, 2023.

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The Standard for Sustainable Fashion

Friend of the Earth criteria for sustainable Fashion require:

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