The general public are becoming increasingly critical about food quality and safety. In a recent study, 81% of consumers reported a willingness to make informed choices in order to address social and environmental issues.

These socially and environmentally conscious consumers seek out responsible brands and products whenever possible, giving those items priority in purchasing decisions. As a result, a number of major food brands have started to promote their sustainability practices in an effort to elevate their perceived level of responsibility and influence consumer purchasing decisions.

Certification schemes are programmes that aim to increase customer awareness of the environmental impact and sustainability of their food purchasing choices. It is a means of communicating to customers that the product is sourced from well-managed farming or agricultural systems that really focus on issues related to the sustainable use of resources. 

Certification is the procedure by which a third party gives assurance that a product process or service conforms to specified requirements and should be based on a range of inspection activities and carried out by a competent and recognised certification body.

Friend of the Earth has developed a set of certification standards for farming and agricultural products.

Friend of the Earth certified products are subject to strict independent audits that verify both environmental and social standards.

Below are a list of sustainable food certified products and companies that fulfil our strict criteria for sustainable food certification.