World Sustainability Organization’s Ethical and Sustainable Showroom made its return to Milan.

The fourth Ethical and Sustainable Showroom edition took place from September 19th to September 25th, 2023 at the Sustainable Friends store in Galleria Passarella 1 in Milan.

During Milan Fashion Week, our Fashion Show on September 23rd, 2023. The displayed garments and accessories in this edition crafted by designers from various countries including Brazil (Natural Cotton Color, Celeste, Demodê, Trópicca…), Switzerland, Africa, and others. All fashion brands Friend of the Earth certifications.

WSO’s Ethical and Sustainable Showroom aims to provide buyers with a reliable reference for sustainably sourced garments worn by models who are respected in their rights and supported in their work.

The showroom’s approach allows other environmentally and socially sustainable brands, along with ethical model agencies, to collaborate with WSO Models Agency in presenting their models. This enables buyers to turn to a single showroom for their conscious purchases.

The majority of the revenue generated by the showroom’s activities is directed towards WSO’s Conservation Projects and campaigns.

Our Sustainable Friends Showroom is situated at Galleria Passarella, 1 San Babila – Milan

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