WSO Projects

The World Sustainability Organization, based in Italy, is a global organisation whose key objective is the conservation of ecosystems. World Sustainability Organization (WSO) awarded products, services and organisations are authorized to use the WSO Award logo on their marketing and communication material and will be promoted by WSO both on and offline

The World Sustainability Organization, in addition to Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth, has developed a number of projects in order to further motivate companies and organisations to operate in a sustainable way and, by using the WSO award label, allow consumers to more easily identify those products and companies which are respecting the environment and workers.

These are some examples of our WSO awarded eco-improvement projects: 

  • World Sustainability Improvement Project (WSO IPs). Companies and organisations which are willing to move toward sustainable practices, but have not yet obtained Friend of the Sea or Friend of the Earth’s certification for any or all of their products or services, can apply to WSO’s Improvement Projects, which gives official recognition that they are actively engaging in a continuous and verified reduction in their environmental impact.
  • WSO Products and Services Awards. The WSO selects and awards innovative products and services which stand out from the market average for their reduced environmental and impact and social accountability.
  • WSO Companies, NGOs and Institutions Awards . The WSO selects and awards NGOs and Institutions for their contribution to global sustainability
Friend of the Earth