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Sustainable Mining

What are the benefits of sustainable mining?

Mines can impact natural habitats, pollute underground and surface water systems and create negative impacts downstream, if carried out in an unsustainable way. Mines can pollute the air and cause poor health conditions. Mines can cause displacement of communities and might be carried out without complying with fundamental social accountability principles.

Sustainable mining is conducted in a manner that minimizes the impact on the surrounding environment, and leaves mine sites in an acceptable state for re-use by people or ecosystems. Consumers and processing companies purchasing products and raw materials from mines certified sustainable according to Friend of the Earth standards, contribute to conservation of our wilderness areas and natural resources, while reducing environmental pollution and respecting workers in the mines and all along the processing chain.

How do you become a certified mining company?

Friend of the Earth’s sustainable mining certification is granted following a third party audit to verify that the product conforms to specific sustainable mining standard and requirements. Inspection are carried out yearly by qualified auditors of accredited international certification bodies.

Your Company can apply by filling out the below Preliminary Information Form.


The requirements that companies must meet to obtain Friend of the Earth certification for sustainable mining include:

Technical Documents


As a first step you need to download, compile and return to info@friendoftheearth.org the preliminary information form (PIF):


The cost of certification is composed of the Audit Cost (which will be estimated and quoted by an independent certification body, following receipt of the online Preliminary Information Form, and a yearly royalties fee. On first year royalties have to be contributed to, independently of the outcome of the audit, as administrative costs, to cover project expenses. The yearly royalties fees for Friend of the Earth’s mining certifications of one mining product (eg: minerals or gems) are calcultated as one thousandth of the company’s revenue in the previous year. A maximum fee of 20 thousands Euros per mining product is charged, for companies with revenue over 20M Euros.For a formal quotation, please fill out the Preliminary Information Form above.