Standards and Certifications

Learn some more about certification criteria and requirements

Sustainable Agriculture

Find out about Friend of the Earth requirements for sustainable agriculture to obtain certification.

Sustainable Farming

Find out about Friend of the Earth requirements for sustainable breeding to obtain certification.


Find out about Friend of the Earth requirements for traceability of food products to obtain certification.

Sustainable Fashion

Find out about Friend of the Earth requirements for sustainable fashion to obtain certification.

What is farm certification?

Quality and price should not be the only criteria for choosing what we eat. Consumers increasingly consider other factors too, for example whether the production process respects the environment and workers.

Sustainable certification schemes provide a way of communicating to customers that the product is sourced from agricultural programmes and food systems that focus on issues related to the sustainable use of our precious resources.

Friend of the Earth encourages sustainability by creating consumer awareness and giving certified companies a credible way to promote their environmental and social accountability. Once certification has been obtained, Friend of the Earth supports companies through co-marketing and communication activities to improve the visibility of their certified brands.


How do you become a Friend of the Earth certified farmer?

Sustainable agricultural and farming certification is a process and involves procedures by which a third party gives assurance that a product process or service conforms to specified requirements and certification standards, and should be based on a range of inspection activities and carried out by a competent and recognised certification body. 

Friend of the Earth has developed a set of standards for certification of farming and agricultural products in order to minimise the negative effects of intensive farming operations, providing a tool for the farming industry to respect the environment, thus preserving natural resources for the future.

Friend of the Earth certified products and services are subject to strict independent audits that verify both environmental and social standards.