Friend of the Earth is an international certification scheme for sustainable agriculture and breeding that has been developed within the guidelines of the Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture Systems (SAFA) of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and whose principles are based on the safeguarding and protection of the entire ecosystem. 

How to apply for the Friend of the Earth certification

By choosing to certify your sustainably produced agricultural and farming products with us you can promote sustainable consumption by ensuring that consumers who buy your certified food products with the Friend of the Earth Sustainability label are making informed choices, and contribute to safeguarding our precious ecosystem.

Friend of the Earth guarantees that products that bear the Friend of the Earth logo meet the standards of the certification scheme and are sustainably produced in a way that:

Below are outlined the simple 6 step process to follow if you would like to apply for the Friend of the Earth certification for your product.

The Friend of the Earth certification process is as follows:    

1. The customer forwards the compiled PIF to Friend of the Earth.

2. Friend of the Earth sends the License and Audit Agreement for the royalties and audit to the customer.

3. The customer subscribes to the agreement, chooses the certification body and agrees on the date of the audit.

4. The audit is carried out and, in the case of conformity, the certificate is issued.

5. Friend of the Earth updates its site adding data and audit details of the certified company.

6. Friend of the Earth sends the logo and begins the marketing and communication activities related to the certified product.

Would you like to know if your products have the possibility to be certified?