Meat is one of the largest retail category in the world who provide large source of animal protein. Plant-based meat segment have opened another era of supplying proteins globally by also concentrating on major view to reduce the impact on environment drastically.

Plant-based meat in retail is a $939 million category. More than 208 million units of plant-based meat were sold in 2019, and plant-based meat accounts for 2% of all dollar sales for retail packaged meat and approximately 1% of the entire meat category (Adapted from Good Food Institute). People are becoming more and more aware about consumption of sustainable meat and this trend is on increasing mode particularly since COVID-19 outbreak from year 2020. To provide a source of protein to billions of people without impacting an environment is a task and alternative protein segment has that capacity to fulfil the protein rich food consumption need of the people globally. To support the plant-based meat segment, an alignment with scientists, private manufacturers, entrepreneurs, retailers, food companies, policy experts, NGOs and governments will pave the long way for the sustainable development in coming years.

The demand for consumption of meat will not be reducing in future however having an option of sustainably produced alternative source of meat will suffice the demand in some way by reducing the pressure on an environment. This segment is also providing an opportunity to the vegetarian people who would like to taste the food products similar to original meat but not by animal origin. The new class of “flexitarian” have been developed in recent years who inspired with emergence and availability of plant-based meat which is helping companies, starts-ups to do their research work thoroughly for further innovations.

The thought behind launch of Golden Friend of the Earth standard is to provide a systematic, organized, scientific way of producing plant-based meat by taking into considerations all best possible parameters available which lead to sustainable production of plant-based meat which will also contribute in reducing the impact on global environment. The standard is fully equipped with social and environmental management system, ecosystem preservation, wild flora protection, waste management, energy management and such appropriate requirements.


The requirements that companies must meet to obtain Friend of the Earth certification for sustainable Plant Based Meat include:
  • A well organised environmental management procedure
  • A system to protect the ecosystem, with implementation of areas dedicated to the conservation of wild flora and fauna
  • The reduction in the use of chemically synthetic substances according to the principles of organic or integrated agriculture
  • Biological control, the rational use of water resources
  • Minimization of mechanical operations on the ground and its compaction
  • The use of energy from renewable resources
  • List ItemControl of gas emissions, greenhouse effect and the implementation of the systems to reduce them
  • Social responsibility

Technical Documents


As a first step you need to download, compile and return to the preliminary information Questionnaire (PIF):

  • The PIF does not oblige the applying company to commit to proceeding with the audit phase.
  • Any checks before the audit are free of charge.
  • All information will be kept strictly confidential.