Why is food safety certification so important?


Price and quality are not the only criteria of choice when we buy the food that we eat. As consumers, we are more and more aware that we must consider what is behind the production process. 

The use of independent sustainable agricultural standards and certifications is a way of communicating to customers that the product is sourced from agricultural programmes and food systems that focus on issues related to the sustainable use of our precious resources. 

The aim of Friend of the Earth is to raise awareness and guide companies towards sustainable farming and breeding practices which are carried out in a not only environmental but also economic and social way.

For a virtuous company committed on several fronts, obtaining the recognition of Friend of the Earth is the easiest and most direct way to appear credible in the eyes of the consumer.

Once the certification is received, Friend of the Earth supports the participating companies through marketing and communication activities to increase the visibility of the certified products.

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Standards and Certifications

Find out more about the Friend of the Earth Standards and Certifications.

Sustainable Agriculture

Find out about Friend of the Earth requirements for sustainable agriculture to obtain certification.

Sustainable Farming

Find out about Friend of the Earth requirements for sustainable breeding to obtain certification.


Find out about Friend of the Earth requirements for traceability of food products to obtain certification.

Sustainable Fashion

Find out about Friend of the Earth requirements for sustainable fashion to obtain certification.

How reliable are third-party food certifications? 

Certification schemes focus on achieving sustainability of the farming and agricultural sector through the development of carefully defined standards and rigorous certification processes. They are key to the progression and growth of sustainable food systems.

Sustainable food certification schemes provide practical and functional sustainability benchmarks thus giving consumers more accurate information on sustainable production methods of their food choices.  

About Friend of the Earth’s sustainable food systems certification

Friend of the Earth encourages sustainability by creating consumer awareness and gives certified companies a reliable and credible way to promote their environmental and social accountability. 

Once certification has been obtained, Friend of the Earth supports companies through co-marketing and communication activities to improve the visibility of their certified brands.

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