Why Smart Working is Sustainable and Friend of the Earth?

A large-scale spread of remote working could reduce carbon dioxide levels by 214 million tonnes a year by 2030, according to a
study titled Added Value of Flexible Working. The equivalent of planting 5.5 billion trees. There would also be a decrease in
transportation, with commutes becoming much less frequent.

A decrease in the consumption of takeaway food would, in turn, cut down on food waste and allow for more sustainable food
choices, as well as diminish the consumption of single-use packaging and straws.

Friend of the Earth Smart Working certified companies actively contribute to a cleaner and greener future and they motivate
other companies to move on the same path to sustainability. Through the certification royalties, they also support Conservation
Projects of the World Sustainability Organization and Foundation.

What are the BENEFITS of being a certified Friend of the Earth Smart Working Company?

Friend of the Earth certified Smart Working companies benefit from the following:

  • Proudly display Friend of the Earth third-party certification to highlight the engagement to lower their environmental impact
  • Receive a Certificate of Support to the Conservation Projects of the World Sustainability Organization
  • Mentions on media about the Friend of the Earth certification, following distribution of national and international press releases
  • Video interview of your company’s CEO or sustainability manager (edited and published on all our media platforms)
  • Company’s products are showcased on our online sustainable store if they meet WSO’s Sustainability Standards
  • Be highlighted on the list of Friend of the Earth Smart Working companies
  • Make use of WSO Sustainability Index to estimate the scoring of products and services
  • Company’s Team will be invited to attend up to 10 technical update courses on sustainability matters

Certification Requirements

To obtain Friend of the Earth Smart Working certification, company’s employees who do not have to be physically present on
the production line, must be working remotely for a minimum of 18 days a month or 80% of their monthly working days.

Company will have to fill out and print on company headed paper the Smart Working Policy to confirm the number of employees working remotely, in compliance with Friend of the Earth’s requirement.

Certification Royalty Fee

The annual royalty fee to use the Friend of the Earth Smart Working certification logo is composed of an entrance fee of 50 €,
and an additional 10 € per each Smart Working employee.

The contribution will help support Friend of the Earth conservation projects and campaigns.

To apply for the certification, please fill out the following short form. Feel free to contact us at for
any additional information.