Everything you need to know about lions on World Lion Day


Known as the King of the Jungle, the Lion is celebrated the world over on August 10 annually. This year, The World Sustainability Foundation is marking the day by sharing with you all there is to know about Lions, scientifically known as Panthera Leo.   Lions are mammals which are part of the Felidae family, they are the second […]

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Support Friend of the Earth® to reforest Maromizaha


Ravina, is a lemur from the Maromizaha forest in Madagascar which serves as the home of the singing lemur. Ravina has been chosen as the mascot for the new fundraising project spearheaded by the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) and Friend of the Earth®, in collaboration with the University of Turin.   In Malagasy, Ravina means leaf symbolising the […]

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Do you know why BUTTERFLIES are so important? | Friend of the Earth


SEND US YOUR BUTTERFLY PHOTOWhatsApp +39 351 2522520 – Click Here http://bit.ly/38egSNJ Do you know why people around the world are so committed to sending us images of butterflies? The butterfly is a truly Friend of the Earth, and helps pollinate plants and alerts us on climate change! These images will help us to produce […]

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Petition Demands End to Trade in Giraffe Products in Honor of World Giraffe Day


Friend of the Earth initiates effort to make North American and EU governments take steps to prevent further endangerment of giraffes  Friend of the Earth, the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that promotes sustainable agriculture and farming methods, has launched a petition on Change.org to encourage governments and retailers to curb commercial trade in Giraffe products. Giraffes are endangered, […]

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MAY 31st, 2020 World Parrots Day – New Petition Demands Ends to Illegal Trade in Wild Parrots


Friend of the Earth initiates petition to encourage the pet industry not to import endangered birds Friend of the Earth, the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that promotes sustainable agriculture and farming methods, has initiated an online petition seeking to curb the illegal worldwide trade in wild parrots, which are popular as pets. The petition requests that the pet […]

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New Petition Asks Chinese and Vietnamese Governments to Enforce Pangolin Trade Ban


Goal is to stop poaching almost-extinct scale-covered mammal used in traditional Chinese medicine and prized as a food delicacy. Friend of the Earth, the preeminent worldwide certification for agriculture and land-based ecosystems, has initiated an online petition requesting that the governments of China and Vietnam enforce a ban on the trade in pangolin parts. The scale-covered mammal […]

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