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Ravina, is a lemur from the Maromizaha forest in Madagascar which serves as the home of the singing lemur. Ravina has been chosen as the mascot for the new fundraising project spearheaded by the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) and Friend of the Earth®, in collaboration with the University of Turin.


In Malagasy, Ravina means leaf symbolising the initiative’s efforts and commitment towards restoring the vegetation cover in Maromizaha. The noteworthy fundraising project makes use of crowdfunding platform –, of the Ginger Association.


Ravina is a singing lemur, known scientifically as Indri Indri. It is one of thirteen lemur families living in Maromizaha. Regrettably, these fascinating animals are among the most endangered lemurs in the world, they are at critical risk of extinction due to the destruction of their habitat. This unfortunate development informed Friend of the Earth® to launch a fundraising campaign to reforest Maromizaha, with the aim of restoring the singing lemurs’ habitat.


The project seeks to raise 2,500 euros, to facilitate the planting of about ten thousand trees on five hectares of forest land; expanding the home of Ravina and the other lemurs of Maromizaha. Additionally, through the World Sustainability Foundation’s initiative, ten women from the local community will be involved in seed collection activities within the forest, and remunerated. Technicians, villagers and students neighboring Moromizaha, will also be engaged in activities to support the reforestation process.


The initiative will be implemented in three phases: firstly, collection of seeds to be planted and the establishment of five nurseries. Secondly, nursery technicians will be engaged for planting, and finally, the growth of the trees planted will be monitored. The project is expected to be carried out within eight to ten months, and a maximum duration of one year.


The launch of this fundraiser towards the Reforestation of Maromizaha, enables the World Sustainability Foundation and Friend of the Earth® continue with its laudable initiatives, to preserve the Indri indri lemurs of Madagascar.


In 2022, Friend of the Earth® participated in the Maromizaha Project of the University of Turin (Turin’s U ONLUS and Madagascar’s GERP – Grouèe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Primates). For one year, Friend of the Earth® has contributed to extensive research and study activities in the Maromizaha forest to conserve singing lemurs.


Donations of any amount can be made to the platform fundraiser. Prizes such as illustrations, to calendars can be won by donors, additionally donors get the chance to win the World Sustainability Foundation’s Sustainable Friends’ Fidelity Card, and the opportunity to adopt one of the six lemur babies that will be born during the summer. The most generous benefactors can choose a name for the cub and receive photos as it grows.


Help the singing lemurs, donate now: Let’s protect the singing lemur and its home  


Friend of the Earth® is a project of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO), founded to conserve the planet’s resources, restore critical habitats, and protect endangered species by means of certification, outreach, and sustainability centered projects globally. World Sustainability Foundation, the non-profit arm of the World Sustainability Organization, was instituted in 2022 and is committed to ensuring environmental protection by promoting a culture of sustainable development.



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