Natural Cotton Color and Tropicca will partecipate at Brasil Eco Fashion Week

Natural Cotton ColorFriend of the Earth certified brand for sustainable fashion since September 2022, and Tropicca, consciously crafted vegan garments, will partecipate at at the 7th edition of Brasil Eco Fashion Week (BEFW).

Faced with changing consumer attitudes, the sustainable fashion market has seen significant growth in recent years. According to data from the Ethical Fashion Global Market, the ethical fashion industry is currently worth more than US$ 6.5 billion. This figure is expected to reach US$15 billion by 2030.

The organic sector is anticipated to spearhead this expansion with a projected annual growth rate of 16.2%.

Paolo Bray, Founder and Director of WSO, expresses Friend of the Earth’s delight in certifying and spotlighting a water-saving cotton, devoid of dyes, benefitting local communities to global fashion companies and consumers.

With an eye on market demand, the Paraíba Cotton Project – which brings together textile and clothing industries – is presenting a fashion show at the 7th edition of Brasil Eco Fashion Week (BEFW), a sustainable fashion week to be held from the 7th to the 9th of December in São Paulo. The models will be showing pieces from textile companies Companhia Industrial Cataguases, Dalila Têxtil, Ecosimple, Santa Luzia Redes, Decoração and Texpar (part of the Unitêxtil group). The clothing and accessories companies will be represented by D’Cotton, Dona Chica, Makano and Natural Cotton Color. The garments and accessories will be combined with each other. Troppica’s footwear will be showcased alongside other favored footwear selections in Paraibas’s vibrant offerings.

“The production model is a benchmark and seeks international certification.

The Paraíba Cotton Project encompasses eight municipalities in the semi-arid region of the state. With over 600 hectares of planted area, the project involves approximately 300 families of farmers from rural settlements and organized quilombola communities in a cooperative. The production model of the cotton fields has become a reference in case studies related to Local Productive Arrangements (LPAs) and sustainability, given that cultivation is carried out through a contract ensuring purchase guaranteed by entrepreneurs.” Francisca Vieira, CEO of the Natural Cotton Colour brand and mentor of the Paraíba Cotton Project, highlights the importance of the textile industry’s collaboration. 

According to her, the presence of companies in the sector is crucial for ethical and sustainable fashion, since the production of clothes demands quality knits and fabrics. “These partnerships have been essential not only in supplying inputs, but also in contributing to the local infrastructure, with processing machines that are promoting a real revolution in the fields of Paraíba,” she says

Rafael Morais, BEFW’s executive director, has closely followed the Paraíba Cotton Project since its 2017 inception during the sustainable fashion week. In its seventh edition in 2023, he emphasizes inviting participating companies to replicate the impactful Harvest Day fashion show from October in Ingá, Paraíba.

BEFW provided both catwalk and trade show space for these companies to showcase the Paraíba Cotton Project. Morais sees this as a mutually beneficial move meeting the rising demand for sustainable yarns and fabrics, especially those derived from agro-ecological and organic cotton. He concludes that this synergy underscores BEFW’s commitment to fostering innovative initiatives and aligns with its mission to drive positive change in the fashion industry.

Mrs. Francisca Vieira, publicly expresses pride in obtaining Friend of the Earth certification. She emphasizes the importance of international producers and consumers opting for third-party-certified sustainable cotton products, underscoring how responsible choices contribute to planetary welfare and support local communities.

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