Uniting Fashion and Sustainability: Join us at the Milan Sustainable Fashion Conference on February 21st 2024 right in the city centre.

Milan, the beating heart of fashion innovation, is poised to witness a seismic shift on February 21st

Step into the halls of Centro Culturale di Milano – Largo Corsia dei Servi, 4 – 20122 Milan – for an event that transcends the ordinary: Welcome to the Milan Sustainable Fashion Conference.


From 2 pm till the sun dips, the main hall blossoms into a tapestry of conscious couture. Several of our certified brands take centre stage, as they showcase a selection of their sustainable collections. Witness the runway of tomorrow, where style meets sustainability head-on.


But there’s more to this gallivanting exhibition; it’s an enriching experience. From 2 pm to 4 pm, industry luminaries will share their wisdom. 

Paolo BrayWSO Director, a vanguard in certifying sustainable practices, will set the stage with insights into the importance of accreditation in fostering sustainability. 

Following his lead, a panel of speakers will delve deep into the intricate threads of sustainable fashion: recycling, upcycling, ethical manufacturing. A conference of educating and inspiring with each syllable uttered.


Once the enlightening speeches draw to a close, the energy doesn’t wane. Enter the networking session (4 pm to 6 pm), a vibrant tapestry woven with conversations and connections. Amidst the artful displays of mannequins, guests and speakers converge, seeding ideas that transcend the boundaries of conventional fashion talks.


Yet, the pulse of sustainability doesn’t stop at the conference’s end. Throughout Fashion Week, our Sustainable Friends Store, nestled in Galleria Passerella, 1 – Milan, emerges as a hub of sustainable fashion. More than just a store, here brands unveil and open heartedly share their stories. Peer behind the curtain, witness the craftsmanship, and engage with the creators. Discover the meticulous artistry and dedication driving their eco-conscious creations. 

Don’t miss out, plenty of surprises await. Let your curiosity draw you to our sustainable fashion nest.


The Milan Sustainable Fashion Conference is a symphony of style and sustainability, echoing the sentiment that fashion can indeed be a force for positive change.


So, mark your calendars and be part of this week-long celebration where art, innovation, and sustainability intertwine seamlessly. 

Join us at the Milan Sustainable Fashion Conference – a celebration of conscious creativity, weaving a path towards a future where fashion and responsibility harmoniously coexist.


For further details and registrations email press@wsogroup.org 

or Whatsapp number +39 3441580067

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