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La World Sustainability Foundation lancia il progetto “1 Guest – 1 Tree Planted”


La World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), l’ente no-profit della World Sustainability Organization, ha lanciato un progetto innovativo mirato a guidare il turismo sostenibile a livello globale.  L’iniziativa “1 Guest – 1 Tree Planted” mira a convincere le strutture turistiche a piantare un albero per ogni loro ospite. Il progetto è dedicato a tutte le strutture turistiche come hotel, resort, B&B, campeggi, ecc. […]

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Galapagos Travel Center launches a travel to protect the biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands


The world’s number one direct seller of Galapagos tours, Galapagos Travel Center, has launched a unique, sustainable holiday to the astounding Galapagos Islands, from the 5th to the 12th of August 2024. This one-of-a-kind sustainability-centered trip is aimed at supporting vital marine conservation work in the Galapagos while protecting biodiversity, endangered species, and ecosystems. It is in collaboration with […]

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World Sustainability Foundation expands natural habitat of lemurs in Madagascar’s Maromizaha Forest


World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), the non-profit arm of the World Sustainability Organization (globally leading sustainability organization), has raised over 2,500 euros in its first ever crowdfunding initiative aimed at saving endangered Lemurs in Madagascar.    The Lemur Project is managed by U Onlus, and is a collaboration between the World Sustainability Foundation, Friend of the Earth and the University […]

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Fashion Show Video


Did you miss our Sustainable Fashion Show?  Don’t worry!  Here’s the full video of the event.    Click the link below to watch the entire show in your own time.  Fahion Show   During Milan Fashion Week, we showcased the Spring/Summer 2024 collections from our sustainable stylists as part of our ‘Beyond the Claim’ project.  Eleven […]

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WSO DAY – remote attendance LINK 


WSO DAY – remote attendance LINK –  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81812741934 It’s finally here!  Don’t forget to put your reminder on for Saturday 23rd September,  10am (gmt +1) for our first ever WSO DAY.  Speakers from all over the world will cover different aspects of certification and sustainability over various fields.  If you will need instant translation to our […]

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World Sustainability Organization terrà la prima edizione del WSO Day proprio durante la settimana della moda meneghina


Leader globale della sostenibilità, l’Organizzazione Mondiale per la Sostenibilità (WSO) terrà la prima edizione del WSO Day il 23 settembre 2023, nella prestigiosa Via Santa Marta 18, Milano, Italia.   La giornata è dedicata a fornire agli stakeholder importanti informazioni e aggiornamenti sui progetti di “Friend of the Sea” e “Friend of the Earth”; servirà come […]

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World Sustainability Organization to hold first ever WSO Day


Global Sustainability Leader, the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) is set to hold the first edition of WSO Day on September 23rd 2023, in the prestigious Via Santa Marta 18, Milan, Italy.   The day is set aside to provide stakeholders with important information and updates on the Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth projects; it will serve as the […]

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Sustainable Fashion, “Beyond the Claim”


  The World Sustainability Organization returns to the spotlight during Milan’s Fashion Week with its fourth edition of  “Ethical & Sustainable Showroom” and a new project on sustainable Fashion: “Beyond the Claim”. The World Sustainability Organization is an international company conceived and founded by Paolo Bray in 2008 with the aim of promoting environmental protection through certifications of sustainable […]

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Everything you need to know about lions on World Lion Day


Known as the King of the Jungle, the Lion is celebrated the world over on August 10 annually. This year, The World Sustainability Foundation is marking the day by sharing with you all there is to know about Lions, scientifically known as Panthera Leo.   Lions are mammals which are part of the Felidae family, they are the second […]

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