Do you know why BUTTERFLIES are so important? | Friend of the Earth


SEND US YOUR BUTTERFLY PHOTOWhatsApp +39 351 2522520 – Click Here Do you know why people around the world are so committed to sending us images of butterflies? The butterfly is a truly Friend of the Earth, and helps pollinate plants and alerts us on climate change! These images will help us to produce […]

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Wishes from WSO team to 2022


  The WSO team got together to send a special message for next year! We at the WSO also want you to have a special 2022, full of health in a more sustainable world, made by people for people. Be a Friend of the Sea.Be a Friend of the Earth. WORLD SUSTAINABILITY ORGANIZATION _____________________________________________________FOLLOW US: […]

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“Salviamo le farfalle”, il progetto per promuovere la loro conservazione attraverso il contributo dei cittadini


Scatta una foto ravvicinata della farfalla, evitando di disturbarla, e inviala tramite Email o WhatsApp, insieme alle tue coordinate di posizione. “Salviamo le farfalle” è il grande progetto di censimento globale delle farfalle per promuovere la loro conservazione firmato Friend of the Earth. Intervista al promotore del progetto, Paolo Bray. Continua a leggere…

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