Sustainable Fashion Conference on February 21st 2024: Agenda 


The eagerly awaited Sustainable Fashion Conference is just around the corner! Sustainable fashion experts and innovative international brands will inform and update on solutions to environmental and social impacts of fashion, certifications, legislation and market trends.  Brands’ looks will be showcased at the conference and during a networking cocktail.  The conference is a unique opportunity […]

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Nice Dive & Trips lancia un viaggio esclusivo in Madagascar: esplora Nosy Be e salva i lemuri in via di estinzione


L’agenzia di viaggi con sede a Vienna, in Austria, NiCe Dive & Trips GmbH ha lanciato un viaggio esclusivo nell’affascinante arcipelago di Nosy Be, in Madagascar, dal 25 settembre al 4 ottobre 2023. Il tour è a sostegno dell’iniziativa della World Sustainability Foundation volta a salvare i lemuri in via di estinzione.   Nosy Be è la destinazione turistica […]

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ApexBrasil receives Friend of the Earth 2023 Sustainability Award


Milan, 19 of April 2023. The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) has received the “Friend of the Earth 2023 Sustainability Award” in recognition of its outstanding efforts to promote sustainable practices with exporting Brazilian companies.   The award ceremony took place at “Sustainable Friends”, the Friend of the Earth showroom and flagship store […]

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Do you know why BUTTERFLIES are so important? | Friend of the Earth


SEND US YOUR BUTTERFLY PHOTOWhatsApp +39 351 2522520 – Click Here Do you know why people around the world are so committed to sending us images of butterflies? The butterfly is a truly Friend of the Earth, and helps pollinate plants and alerts us on climate change! These images will help us to produce […]

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Wishes from WSO team to 2022


  The WSO team got together to send a special message for next year! We at the WSO also want you to have a special 2022, full of health in a more sustainable world, made by people for people. Be a Friend of the Sea.Be a Friend of the Earth. WORLD SUSTAINABILITY ORGANIZATION _____________________________________________________FOLLOW US: […]

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“Salviamo le farfalle”, il progetto per promuovere la loro conservazione attraverso il contributo dei cittadini


Scatta una foto ravvicinata della farfalla, evitando di disturbarla, e inviala tramite Email o WhatsApp, insieme alle tue coordinate di posizione. “Salviamo le farfalle” è il grande progetto di censimento globale delle farfalle per promuovere la loro conservazione firmato Friend of the Earth. Intervista al promotore del progetto, Paolo Bray. Continua a leggere…

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