WSO Models Academy & Agency (WSO MAA) is a project of the World Sustainability Organization Srl.

The mission of the WSO Models Academy & Agency is to offer a platform in which models can be treated fairly as people, respecting their rights and highlighting them for who they are, their life stories and their commitment to supporting the community. or conservation. In turn, the Academy’s proceeds will also be used to support WSO conservation projects and campaigns.

The WSO Academy and Model Agency adheres to the following principles and guidelines:

-Any person who wants to be a model can be part of the WSO MAA and have the opportunity to be selected for its values.
-Models are treated in accordance with national laws on employment and fair compensation
-WSO MAA and its clients adhere to strict rules against discrimination and sexual harassment
-WSO MAA provides models with support on proper nutrition and health recommendations
-WSO MAA models are encouraged to commit to conservation initiatives and community support
-WSO MAA recommends clients to develop initiatives in a sustainable way
-The WSO MAA does not work with companies involved in the sale of products of endangered species
-Contribution to the WSO MAA helps WSO conservation projects and campaigns

The WSO also offers support for models to become part of the WSO model archive from abroad, through virtual castings and photo shoots and support from the Academy.

WSO Models also provides a free of charge, anonymous and strictly confidential preliminary support for models in need of legal advice and nutritionists suggestions.

Simply write your message to

The first Ethical and Sustainable Showroom, managed by the World Sustainability Organization will open just before the famous week of fashion in Milan, on the 19th of February and until the 28th.

For more info and to book the date and time slot of your visit

Tel. +39 3441580067



Maria Jose De Avila

Hola, soy maria jose y me gustaría vivir esta experiencia porque durante los 3 años que he podido ser modelo he visto que modelar no es muy ético y sostenible.

Amanda Lopez

Hola, soy modelo desde los 10 años, últimamente he estado haciendo modelo fotográfico, pero me gustaría vivir la experiencia de estar con una agencia que se preocupa por el medio ambiente….

Maria Cristina Bona

I’m a professional model, working in this world from 3 years. I made some editorials, interviews, and simply I want to continues in this way.

Paula Garces

I am a student of social communication and journalism and a dancer in training of urban dance, I have been modeling for two years and I would love to continue projecting myself and motivating more people to enter this medium.


Alma Castro

I’m a professional model, working in this world from 3 years. I made some editorials, interviews, and simply I want to continues in this way.


Aleja Castañeda

I am a musician in training, a singer, I like to act on stage and I feel that I have a forte in modeling.


Loren Moreno

I decided to join wso models because it is a sustainable agency and my life is based on love and respect for nature. I love everything holistic and this is a good opportunity to share it with the world.


Gabriela Maldonado

I have been a model for 8 years, I am passionate about the world of modeling and my dream is to work for the best brands and fashion house around the world I feel I have the skills and attitude to do it in the best way.


Adaia Valeriano

I have always had a great concern for nature and its conservation. I have studied an academic preparation related to science and I have participated in numerous acts of awareness and conservation. Now I have directed my studies to a more artistic level.


Magaly Soto

I am 18 years old,I am Colombian, I like modeling at a very early age,my dream is to reachs great catwalks among other things …I like modeling because it is a medium where there are fashion designers , haute couture,elegance among other things,and I’m passionate about it …how a model transmits so many things through a catwalk ot photography.


Jessica Guazzotti

I am a professional model, working in this world for 10 years. I decided to join WSO Models because it is a sustainable agency and my life is based on love and respect of nature and animals. I am a yoga teacher too, a spiritual person connected with all the energy around, I used to have an holistic approach to everything in life! Thank you for this new shining opportunity.”


Paola Grau

I am an Italian-Albanian/Hispanic model and microinfluencer. I entered the fashion industry at the age of 14 and from then until now, with periods of pause in between I’ve always been working in the industry. I love self-care, fitness and the world of aesthetics, as I believe they are fundamental for all those who want to show the world a confident, self-loving and healthy person.


Celine Reuter

Yujin Hong​
Juliette Slama​​
Marica Monaco​​
Carlota falzone​​
Margot Oceane​​​


Nicolas Rodriguez

Soy estudiante de Ingeniería Electrónica. Me gustaría ser modelo porque es un campo con cosas realmente interesantes que me gustaría aprender.


Duvan Valdes

Model in Bogotá, since several years ago. However, it would be good to have international experience.


Raul Florez

Hello, I am a model, actor, soccer player, dancer and fashion designer, I believe that we should always help and do good and if you can do it with your talents so much the better.


Rony Florez

Hello my name is Rony, I am an actor, model, dancer and soccer player, I want to achieve my dreams by making my talents known and what better way to do it than with an agency that helps the environment.


Fedrico Cabiaghi

I’m 23 years old and i am a model, student and entrepreneur.
I like fashion a lot but it’s really an hard world and not always ethically correct, so i wanna try and sustain something new and right.


David Blanco

Hi, I’m David Blanco, I’ve been a model for an year and I live in the city of Milan. This agency makes me want to work even more because not only I think about myself but I also focus on the environment


Kacper Cholewa

My name is Kacper Cholewa and i´m 24. I was born in Poland but when i was 4yo I moved to Madrid , where i´m actually located. I´m a model and actor , I love to workout and i´m also a personal trainer.


Reuben Sam

I am, a versatile and able to adapt to different environments without neglecting the professionalism with a good laugh in the appropriate settings , along with a clear vision of the goal that need to be achieved. I look to inspire with my actions most importantly, to leave my print in the industry and show the world that needs more diversity and inclusivity. I am the perfect candidate to represent confidence , energy and class.

Felippe Vier​
Matteo Padovan​
Sergio Zanzi​​
Marco Castellano​​​
Loretta Maffezzoni​​
If you would like to live the experience of being a sustainable and ethical model, complete this information and send us two photos, one in the foreground and the other in the full plane.

    I hereby authorize WSO to show these pictures of mine on WSO’s website for the purpose of finding model jobs for me. I will be able to at anytime to request WSO to take off the pictures or modify them by sending an email to