Friend of the Earth and the Peruvian Pro Carnivoros to save the Titicaca water frog


In the 1970s, French explorer Jacques Cousteau estimated that Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia, contained more than one billion Telmatobius culeus, the Latin name for the giant frog endemic to the lake. Today the situation is profoundly different. The Titicaca frog is no exception to the global trend of drastically declining frog numbers. The International […]

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Save Vietnam’s Wildlife and Friend of the Earth have joined forces to protect pangolins and put an end to wildlife trafficking.


Together, Friend of the Earth and Save Vietnam’s Wildlife will support pangolins and put a stop to wildlife trafficking. Friend of the Earth is launching a new partnership to support Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, which works to rescue, rehabilitate, and safeguard the habitat of other endangered species as well as the pangolin, the world’s most trafficked mammal. Wildlife […]

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Snow Leopard Day is on October 23.


Help Friend of the Earth in its campaign to protect this big cat It has rosette-shaped patches on Its thick, smoke-gray coat. Its tail, which can be as long as its body, is used as a scarf in the winter, wrapped around its muzzle to protect it from the harsh temperatures of its habitat: the […]

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Sustainable cotton from Brazil can help fashion lower its burden on the environment


Sustainable cotton from Brazil can help fashion lower its burden on the environment The World Sustainability Organization (WSO) announces the certification of the whole production of the Brazilian company Natural Cotton Color according to Friend of the Earth strict fashion sustainability standard. The certification is awarded to Natural Cotton Color’s CEO and Founder, Francisca Vieira, an international authority and precursor in […]

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Sustainable and Ethical Showroom


Fashion Show 24th September 2022 – 4.30PM The Sustainable Showroom is open during the famous week of fashion in Milan, on the 20th of September and until the 26th.  The Showroom is located in the certified restaurant Temakinho – via Boccaccio, 4 – Milan.  Fashion Show 24th September 2022 – 4.30PM For more info and to book the date […]

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Madagascar’s Singing Lemur Is Disappearing. Friend of the Earth Joins Conservation Efforts to Protect It.


The indri is the only lemur that communicates through song, echoing through the forests of Madagascar. However, this marvelous and distinctive rhythm could disappear if nothing is done. The indri (Indri indri) has been classified as critically endangered since 2014. For this reason, Friend of the Earth, a project from the World Sustainability Organization, is eager […]

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World Sustainability Organization Joins Earth Day Call to Invest in Our Planet With a Renewed Push for Sustainable Development.


For this year’s Earth Day, the World Sustainability Organization steps up its efforts to protect endangered species, restore nature and push for a sustainable revolution. The organization announces new resources for conservation programs and boosts support for companies committed to building sustainable economies. As people around the world gather to celebrate Earth Day this Friday, […]

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