Sustainable cotton from Brazil can help fashion lower its burden on the environment


Sustainable cotton from Brazil can help fashion lower its burden on the environment The World Sustainability Organization (WSO) announces the certification of the whole production of the Brazilian company Natural Cotton Color according to Friend of the Earth strict fashion sustainability standard. The certification is awarded to Natural Cotton Color’s CEO and Founder, Francisca Vieira, an international authority and precursor in […]

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Sustainable and Ethical Showroom


Fashion Show 24th September 2022 – 4.30PM The Sustainable Showroom is open during the famous week of fashion in Milan, on the 20th of September and until the 26th.  The Showroom is located in the certified restaurant Temakinho – via Boccaccio, 4 – Milan.  Fashion Show 24th September 2022 – 4.30PM For more info and to book the date […]

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Madagascar’s Singing Lemur Is Disappearing. Friend of the Earth Joins Conservation Efforts to Protect It.


The indri is the only lemur that communicates through song, echoing through the forests of Madagascar. However, this marvelous and distinctive rhythm could disappear if nothing is done. The indri (Indri indri) has been classified as critically endangered since 2014. For this reason, Friend of the Earth, a project from the World Sustainability Organization, is eager […]

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World Sustainability Organization Joins Earth Day Call to Invest in Our Planet With a Renewed Push for Sustainable Development.


For this year’s Earth Day, the World Sustainability Organization steps up its efforts to protect endangered species, restore nature and push for a sustainable revolution. The organization announces new resources for conservation programs and boosts support for companies committed to building sustainable economies. As people around the world gather to celebrate Earth Day this Friday, […]

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Is sustainable and ethical fashion possible? How to combat greenwashing through certification.


·  Friend of the Earth emphasises the importance of verification amidst the trend of greenwashing ·  WSO Sustainable & Ethical Showroom during the Milan fashion week, from the 19th until 28th of February ·  WSO Ethical and Model Agency and Academy The undesirable sides of the fashion industry, the misuse of resources, land contamination, and social injustice have all been […]

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The World Sustainability Organization announces opening of the first Ethical and Sustainable Showroom in Milan: a must for responsible buyers.


The first Ethical and Sustainable Showroom, managed by the World Sustainability Organization will open just before the famous week of fashion in Milan, on the 19th of February and until the 28th. For more info and to book the date and time slot of your visit Tel. +39 3441580067

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Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Hits the Runway at Milan Fashion Week – Brazilian Fashion Houses launch Friend of the Earth’s Certified Collections.


Sustainable and ethical fashion was in the spotlight at the Milan Fashion Week. During the Brasil Eco Fashion Week side event, eight Brazilian companies were promoted by Friend of the Earth for their commitment to reducing the impact on the environment.   The glamorous event – including a showroom and fashion show – allowed companies to present […]

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