Transforming Textiles Earns Friend of the Earth Certification

We’re happy to annouce that Transforming Textiles, a pioneer in sustainable fashion, received Friend of the Earth’s certification. This certification underlines Transforming Textiles’ commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, setting a new standard for eco-conscious fashion brands worldwide.


Friend of the Earth certification means that Transforming Textiles’ innovative Sense-Tex collection meets strict environmental criteria, ensuring minimal ecological impact throughout the production process. By aligning with FOE’s rigorous standards, Transforming Textiles reinforces its dedication to preserving the planet and promoting sustainable lifestyles.


“At Transforming Textiles, we are honored to receive the Friend of the Earth certification, evidence of our commitment to environmental care,” said Sara RosbergFounder, CEO & Creative Director at Transforming Textiles“This certification reaffirms our pledge to prioritise sustainability in every aspect of our operations, from sourcing materials to manufacturing processes.”


Based on this achievement, Transforming Textiles is getting ready to reveal its exciting Sense-Tex collection through their Fashion Brand called Modality at Milan Fashion Week 2024. Known for blending tech, eco-friendliness, and creativity, the Sense-Tex collection perfectly captures the company’s inventive take on fashion.


The collection features a few meticulously crafted pieces, some adorned with prints, that spotlight the animals involved in Friend of the Earth and Friend of the Sea conservation projects. These exclusive garments will be available for purchase at the Sustainable Friends concept store located in Galleria Passarella in Milano, allowing consumers to support environmental causes through their fashion choices.


“To create these sustainable prints, we have partnered with the Swedish company Elobina offers a unique platform where creativity and sustainability unite. Through their innovative technology, both businesses and individuals can create beautiful, customized textiles and products. Their goal is to not only transform the textile industry, but also reduce its environmental impact by combating unnecessary mass production.”


In a groundbreaking move to merge fashion with advocacy, Transforming Textiles/Modality has also collaborated with a Swedish artist Charlotte Kehler to create matching accessories featuring endangered animals. These accessories serve as a powerful statement of solidarity with endangered species, amplifying the collection’s message of conservation and sustainability.


We are extremely enthusiastic about this collection and eagerly anticipate unveiling it at the upcoming MFW. In addition to this project, we are actively engaged in various other initiatives within the company. Stay updated by following us on LinkedIn or visiting our websites:


Transforming Textiles 


Modality Store







“We believe that fashion has the power to drive positive change,” added Sara; “Through our partnership with Friend of the Earth and our innovative Sense-Tex collection, we aim to inspire consumers to make conscious choices while looking stylish and chic.”


In addition to its Friend of the Earth certification and Milan Fashion Week debut, Transforming Textiles remains actively engaged in various sustainability initiatives, continuing its mission to reshape the fashion industry for a greener future.


Transforming Textiles is a leading innovator in sustainable fashion, committed to revolutionizing the industry through technology, sustainability, and ethical practices. With its groundbreaking Sense-Tex collection, Transforming Textiles aims to inspire conscious consumerism while advocating for environmental conservation. The company’s certification sets a new benchmark for eco-conscious fashion brands worldwide.


For more information about Friend of the Earth Certification standards, check our website at this link or email

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