Alex Bellini concludes the first leg of the EYES ON ICE project.

We’re honoured to share that Alex Bellini has received the Friend of the Earth certification for Sustainable Events for the first phase of his EYES ON ICE MISSION.


This achievement celebrates the conclusion of his Alaskan journey on March 27th. Over 37 days, Alex navigated an exciting 1800-kilometer route, riding trails on a mountain bike made from recycled plastic. This leg marks the beginning of his ambitious three-year project, which promises to cover challenging terrain and inspire environmental stewardship.

For the first time, two IMPACT prototypes of mountain bikes, specifically made with recycled plastic frames and 3D printed, arrive in Nome.


“I felt like a pioneer, like the Wright brothers, who revolutionized travel with those 36 seconds of flight 120 years ago. I don’t think I have the same impact, obviously, but I have shown that another way is possible, that innovation can be brought into an industry like bicycle production, and, even more importantly, that plastic can be as reliable a material as more common materials (aluminum, carbon, etc.), with the added advantage that the frame itself can be recycled, again. I wanted to support and participate in the development of this innovative mountain bike because it aligns with my idea of exploration, trying new paths in the name of sustainability,” comments Alex Bellini upon returning from his expedition.


Alex Bellini and Alessandro Plona, a versatile athlete who divides his time between ski mountaineering and mountain biking, departed on February 13 from the city of Anchorage to cross Alaska by bike, facing temperatures as low as -40°C. On March 22, they arrived in Nome, a mythical village for gold prospectors and the concluding destination of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, the world’s most famous sled dog race. Bellini returned to Alaska over 20 years after his first experience. The completed endeavour represents a journey of innovation, outreach, and inner exploration. With these insights, Alex Bellini prepares for the next stage in 2025: the crossing of Greenland. The whole initiative in fact is structured with a three-year programme corresponding to three areas: Alaska (2024), Greenland (2025), and the Arctic Ocean (2026)


Through this project, Bellini and his team aim to explore polar issues and collaborate with scientific partners to address challenges related to understanding and preserving these ecosystems. The initiative spans a three-year programme, during which Bellini will compile elements and interviews from his journey for a documentary and public speeches. Through these endeavours, he seeks to share his experiences and prepare for future challenges, emphasizing the importance of reflection and adaptation.


“As Founder and Director of World Sustainability Organization , I am honoured to share Alex Bellini’s achievement. His dedication inspires us to promote sustainability certification standards in events, travel, sports, and beyond, encouraging widespread adoption for a greener future.” Says Paolo Bray.

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