World Sustainability Organization Joins Earth Day Call to Invest in Our Planet With a Renewed Push for Sustainable Development.

For this year’s Earth Day, the World Sustainability Organization steps up its efforts to protect endangered species, restore nature and push for a sustainable revolution. The organization announces new resources for conservation programs and boosts support for companies committed to building sustainable economies.

As people around the world gather to celebrate Earth Day this Friday, April 22nd, under the theme “Invest in Our Future,” it’s more important than ever to acknowledge that sustainability is the key to building a prosperous future on a healthy planet. The World Sustainability Organization (WSO) is eager to extend the call to governments, businesses, and citizens to join the sustainable revolution and be agents of change.


In 2022, WSO, through its programs Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth, has stepped up efforts to expand sustainability, working side by side with companies and businesses committed to becoming greener. Additionally, the organization decided to invest new funds in conservation programs, supporting organizations that work to save endangered species on the field.




There is an enormous potential for growth in the Green and the Blue economies. As an example, the ocean economy has an estimated turnover of US$3 to 6 trillion every year.


Seizing the momentum in favor of sustainable development, Friend of the Sea & Friend of the Earth have engaged in new initiatives and partnerships to promote sustainable practices:


–  Whale-Safe Award. Keeping up with the efforts to reduce whale ship collisions, Friend of the Sea decided to recognize the shipping, cruise liner, and touristic operator companies that stand out for implementing measures to protect endangered whale populations. Thus, further encouraging them to reduce whale ship strikes.


–  First Ethical and Sustainable Showroom. On the occasion of the recent Milan Fashion Week, Friend of the Earth organized an exclusive showroom showcasing international fashion houses that are part of FOE’s Sustainable Fashion Program.


–  Boost to sustainability programs. Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth developed new tools to give additional support to companies in their path towards sustainability.



Working to protect and raise awareness about the status of endangered species has been one of the World Sustainability Organization’s core commitments. For the past two years, Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth successfully pushed two major projects: the “Save the Whales” campaign and the “Global Butterflies Census.”


While those campaigns continue, in 2022, WSO decided to invest additional resources to support conservation organizations. As a result, the organization is now involved in projects working to save the Madagascar lemurs, protect bat species, and restore populations of the endangered Titicaca water frog. The ultimate goal is to support 20 new conservation projects by 2022.


On Earth Day, World Sustainability Organization invites everyone to become agents of change and join the sustainability movement. Produce sustainably, consume responsibly and support conservation projects to restore our planet. Let’s celebrate Earth Day by taking action into our own hands. 


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