Cascina Raglio DiLuna Certified for Sustainable Agriculture by Friend of the Earth

Italian center for environmental protection and rural education commits to environmentally sustainable practices

Cascina Raglio DiLuna, a center for environmental protection and rural education in Italy, has earned certification for sustainable agriculture by Friend of the Earth (FOE). Friend of the Earth promotes sustainable farming and farming methods through certification and consumer awareness. With this certification, Cascina Raglio DiLuna can display the FOE eco-label on the agriculture produce it raises and sells as part of its programs.

“Cascina Raglio DiLuna is a true partner for us at Friend of the Earth,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Earth. “Their work aligns perfectly with our mission. It’s an honor to be working with them on promoting sustainable farming.”

Cascina Raglio DiLuna provides a place for education and training. The organization encourages young people’s interest in nature and the agricultural environment. They also run a small farm, which operates based on respect for the environment and improvement of the land. As a company, Cascina Raglio DiLuna produces small fruits like strawberries and blackberries, hemp inflorescences (according to L. 242 / ’16) and honey. These products are now certified by Friend of the Earth.

“Our activities and projects are aimed at recovering and improving biodiversity,” said Andrea Bajardi, owner of  Raglio di Luna. He added, “We constantly monitor the reappearance of botanical and faunal species that conventional agriculture has damaged over time.” Cascina Raglio DiLuna works the land with an absence of chemical treatments, using donkey manure for fertilizer.

Cascina Raglio DiLuna is involved in a social promotion in collaboration with the APS La Montanina nursery. La Montanina includes a farmhouse, a nursery and a living space for the elderly. They maintain an urban beekeeping project for environmental biomonitoring (ToBee) along with other nature experiences with animals for people with disabilities and a shared vegetable garden.

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