World Rainforest Day: Moving Towards a Greener Future


On June 22nd, we celebrate World Rainforest Day, a moment to reflect on the importance of these biodiversity treasures, crucial for ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. Amidst the many initiatives dedicated to forest conservation, exciting developments are emerging in the tourism sector.   The Realm of Trees Rainforests are true « green lungs » covering […]

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The World Sustainability Foundation joins Nice Dives & Trip in Kenia to protect sea turtles and reforest mangrove forests.


Nice Dive & Trips, a travel agency committed to environmental responsibility organized a unique journey to Chale Island in Southern Kenya, East Africa. This trip aims to protect and explore the local biodiversity, focusing, on the conservation of sea turtles and the reforestation of mangrove forests.     Slated for September 21st to 29th 2024, the trip […]

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INTERVIEW: Olio Roi – A trully Sustainable Oil


Mr. Paolo Bray interview Paolo Boeri, Hand Shaker of Olio Roi. – Not just Oil –Olio Roi offers a wide range of products made with our olive trees, olive oil and Taggiasca olives. A world that ranges from enogastronomy to cosmetics, design, in which to find unique flavors to bring to the table, body products […]

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Alex Bellini concludes the first leg of the EYES ON ICE project.


We’re honoured to share that Alex Bellini has received the Friend of the Earth certification for Sustainable Events for the first phase of his EYES ON ICE MISSION.   This achievement celebrates the conclusion of his Alaskan journey on March 27th. Over 37 days, Alex navigated an exciting 1800-kilometer route, riding trails on a mountain bike made from recycled plastic. […]

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Transforming Textiles Earns Friend of the Earth Certification


We’re happy to annouce that Transforming Textiles, a pioneer in sustainable fashion, received Friend of the Earth’s certification. This certification underlines Transforming Textiles’ commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, setting a new standard for eco-conscious fashion brands worldwide.   Friend of the Earth certification means that Transforming Textiles’ innovative Sense-Tex collection meets strict environmental criteria, ensuring minimal ecological […]

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WEBINAR: The environmental and social impact of tourism. Trends, initiatives, and certifications.


Dear Madam/Sir, World Sustainability Organization would like to invite you to the upcoming free of charge webinar on “The environmental and social impact of tourism. Trends, initiatives, and certifications.”  31st of May 2024 at 4PM (Central Europe Time).   This webinar can be of interest to: – Travel agencies, Hotels, and Tour operators. – Companies’ sustainability and environmental managers. […]

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First-ever chocolate brand to bear the world’s leading sustainability certification.


Sustainable Chocolate Confectionary brand cultivated in the Bunong region, straddling the Cambodian-Vietnamese border, Culture Choc, has officially joined Friend of the Earth as the first-ever chocolate brand to bear the world’s leading sustainability certification.   Culture Choc prides itself on its mission to transform the chocolate confectionery industry into one that nourishes not only the mind and […]

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Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta Joins World Sustainability Foundation: Lead Sustainable Environmental Initiative


Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta proudly announces its strategic collaboration with the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), globally recognised environmental organizations, to launch the groundbreaking initiative, « 1 Guest 1 Tree Planted ». Led by Bernhard Kammerlohr, Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta is committed to fostering a greener future by encouraging active participation from guests in tree planting endeavors.   In alignment with […]

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FEGO: Pioneering Sustainable Fashion in Partnership with Friend of the Earth


We are thrilled to announce FEGO’s collaboration with Friend of the Earth, marking a significant milestone in our journey to champion sustainability in the fashion industry. Supported by the Swedish Embassy in Kosovo and implemented by Swisscontact, a Swiss organization, through Fostering Employment and Growth Opportunities (FEGO) project, this partnership underscores our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship […]

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World Sustainability Foundation leads the way in sustainable tourism with « 1 Guest – 1 Tree Planted » initiative


Golden Sea Villas proudly announces its participation in the « 1 Guest – 1 Tree Planted » project, spearheaded by the Friend of Earth organization under the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF). As the first structure to join this ground-breaking initiative, Golden Sea Villas sets a precedent for Sustainable tourism by contributing to reforestation efforts worldwide.   Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Paros, Greece, Golden […]

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