Sustainable cotton from Brazil can help fashion lower its burden on the environment

Sustainable cotton from Brazil can help fashion lower its burden on the environment

The World Sustainability Organization (WSO) announces the certification of the whole production of the Brazilian company Natural Cotton Color according to Friend of the Earth strict fashion sustainability standard. The certification is awarded to Natural Cotton Color’s CEO and Founder, Francisca Vieira, an international authority and precursor in sustainable textiles and fashion production. The ceremony is held at the WSO’s sustainable and ethical showroom in Milan, in the sames days of the famous Fashion Week.


The Brazilian brand, based in the Northeast region of Brazil, works with timeless pieces in tailoring and uses as a base the organic coloured cotton of Paraíba and local handicrafts. The brand stands out for its innovation in the development of exclusive fabrics such as denim (coloured but without dyeing) and cotton jacquard with silk, as well as knitwear and sweatshirts. The work involves social transformation through the expansion of organic cotton cultivation in the municipality of Ingá, Paraíba, generating income in a region where rains are scarce. By growing without irrigation and having the plume naturally coloured, the final product does not require dyeing. Clothing in coloured cotton generates savings of 87.5% of water compared to the conventional process used by the industry. Natural Cotton Color pieces include crafts such as lace, crochet and embroidery. The highlight is the labyrinth, a manual technique applied by the artisans directly on the shredded fabric, generating graphics and textures. The labyrinth was recently listed as Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Paraíba as it was at risk of extinction.


Friend of the Earth is glad to certify and highlight to fashion companies worldwide and consumers a cotton which saves water because it does not use dyes and supports local communities.” Comments Paolo Bray, Founder and Director of WSO.  “Natural Cotton Color is proud to have achieved Friend of the Earth certification” explains Mrs Francisca Vieira, CEO and Founder of Natural Cotton Color “we hope the international producers and consumers will choose cotton products certified by third parties and verified sustainable. Their responsible choices will help the planet and will support local communities.


Natural Cotton Color is worn only by models which are verified to be treated in an ethical way. Friend of the Earth showroom’s models are selected with bodymass index not lower than 18.5; they are provided free legal and nutritionist’s support; paid a fair price within one month instead of the three months sector’s average.


The award ceremony will be held during the fashion show at 4.30 PM, in the Friend of the Sea certified Temakinho Restaurant (Milan, Via Boccaccio 4)

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