Webinar on “Status of butterflies and moths in the world. Butterfly-safe certified agriculture and Global Butterflies Census Program”

Dear Madam/Sir,

Friend of the Earth would like to invite you to the upcoming free of charge webinar on “Status of butterflies and moths in the world. Butterfly-safe certified agriculture and Global Butterflies Census Program”

You can download the presentation here https://mega.nz/file/1plA0IrJ#qCafzKfE7q6SXuCvcT34juCxWtP0NcWMG6l2qBY7SkA

This webinar can be of interest to

–    agriculture companies 

–    food producers and traders 

–    government officials 

–    companies’ sustainability and environmental managers 

–    media professionals, journalists 

–    environmental conservation groups, researchers, NGOs 

–    bloggers, influencers, citizen scientists and many more  

During this half an hour session, Javier Saqui Managing Director at Ya’axkin Butterfly Farm, Paolo Bray Founder and Director at Friend of the Sea – Friend of the Earth and Clarissa Puccioni Butterfly Project Manager at Friend of the Earth will cover the following subjects: 

–    Characteristics, distribution and ecology. 

–    Status of butterflies and moths in the world

–    Threats and climate impact

–    Biodiversity conservation and community sustainability from the Ya’axkin Butterfly Farm

–    Conservation initiatives 

–    Butterfly-safe certification

–    Friend of the Earth Butterfly Global Census

Sign up to the webinar here   

if this link doesn’t work try attend.zoho.  

Maximum 200 participants    

This webinar will take place on 08th of September 2021 at 4:00 pm in Milan, CET  

Participation is free of charge.  

Friend of the Earth certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants. 

If you cannot attend the live session, sign up anyway and we will send you a recording.   

You will also have the opportunity to pose questions to the speakers during the webinar.  

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