La Doria Tomatoes Certified Friend of the Earth from Sustainable Agriculture

Commits to increased use of renewable materials while reducing use of plastics

Friend of the Earth, the leading global certification standard for products and businesses that adhere to sustainable practices, announced that it has certified La Doria SpA’s tomato product lines for sustainable agriculture practices. La Doria, a leading private label producer, among other initiatives to reduce its impact on the environment, is increasing its use of renewable materials in its production processes while reducing the use of plastics. The company can display the Friend of the Earth logo on its tomato products

“It is always gratifying to see a company that has a history of quality and diligence in manufacturing methods apply those principles to sustainability. That is what La Doria is doing,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Earth“They are setting an example of how a business can make environmentally sustainable agricultural and production methods a core element of their operational processes.”

The Friend of the Earth certification allows La Doria to guarantee its customers the correct application of environmentally responsible principles through sustainable production methods. The new initiatives to reduce plastics in packaging and increase use of renewable materials are synergizing with support for sustainable agriculture while promoting the adoption of socio-ethical and environmental standards in La Doria’s suppliers.

The company is headquartered in Angri (Salerno). It is the head of an Italian group leader in the conservation sector and, in particular, in the production and marketing of tomato derivatives, pasta sauces preserved legumes, juices and fruit drinks.  They are a privileged supplier of the major retail chains and discount stores worldwide, characterized by being a Group mainly dedicated to the production of “private labels,” which are the commercial brands of the large retailers. More than 90% of the Group’s turnover is generated through this segment.

La Doria has long offered traditional products, made with the best raw materials, that meet the current needs of customers but at the same time convey the founding values of the company. They guide their supply chains and society towards a development respectful of man and the planet. The company is renowned for always being guided by values such as legality, ethics, openness, honesty, workers’ rights, respect for the environment and improvement of the land. Environmental sustainability has always been for the company not only a goal to be pursued with constancy and commitment but also a basic value on which to base its organizational and production processes.

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