Friend of the Earth Certifies INECAP for Sustainable Production of Moringa, Tara, and Jojoba.

Innovación y Ecología Aplicada S.A.C. from Peru is a leader in efficient and sustainable agriculture.

Friend of the Earth, the leading global certification standard for products issued from sustainable agriculture and breeding, is pleased to announce that Innovación y Ecología Aplicada S.A.C. (INECAP) has been certified for sustainable production of moringa, tara, and jojoba. The company can now display the Friend of the Earth eco-label on the products elaborated from the sustainably farmed crops.

INECAP was launched in 2012 as an innovative, eco-driven company focused on building an agricultural and agroindustrial business respectful of the environment. Based in Fundo Progreso, a 6,000 hectares’ farm located in the north of Peru, the company invested in infrastructure and scientific research to establish a sustainable and efficient production model.

INECAP’s team of experts in biological, environmental, agronomic, and biochemical sciences developed crops ecologically suited to the area where the farm is located. The moringa, tara, and jojoba crops can withstand the harsh climates of the desert, maintaining excellent levels of production and output.

“We believe that holding are spectful relationship with the environment and the communities nearby to the farm is a fundamental component of our company,” said an INECAP’s spokesperson“Receiving the Friend of the Earth certification is an important step towards achieving the goal of combining high productivity with efficient processes and harmonious coexistence between the environment and the people.” 

Currently, INECAP has 400 hectares of tara planted in the field and another 300 hectares in the nursery. Tara is a plant original from Peru which has a high content of protein and dietary fiber. The company commercializes by-products such as tara powder, tara gum, tara germ, tannic acid, and Gallic acid. 

Additionally, INECAP has 82 hectares of moringa, also considered a superfood. These crops are used for moringa seed oil, dry leaf powder, pod flour, and moringa seeds.

The basic principle of sustainable agriculture is maintaining a balance between the demands for food production and the preservation of our natural environment. The Friend of the Earth certification scheme for sustainable agriculture and breeding has been developed within the guidelines of the Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture Systems (SAFA) of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

“The superfoods are driving more and more interest from consumers looking for healthy products. The moringa market is expected to reach USD 8,400 million by 2026. The fact that companies like INECAP are committing to respect sustainable agriculture principles is excellent news for the environment and the planet”said Paolo Bray, Friend of the Earth Director and Founder.

The Friend of the Earth logo on a product guarantees:

●    Safeguarding of the ecosystem.

●    Protection of wild fauna and flora.

●    Protection of soil and water resources.

●    Prohibition of the use of dangerous substances.

●    Responsible waste and energy management.

●    Social responsibility of the whole chain.

●    Legal compliance. 

About Friend of the Earth

Friend of the Earth, a World Sustainability Organization project, was founded in 2016. It operates worldwide with the mission of safeguarding and protecting the ecosystem through the certification of sustainable agriculture and breeding projects.

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