Sustainable Fashion, “Beyond the Claim”


  The World Sustainability Organization returns to the spotlight during Milan’s Fashion Week with its fourth edition of  «Ethical & Sustainable Showroom» and a new project on sustainable Fashion: «Beyond the Claim». The World Sustainability Organization is an international company conceived and founded by Paolo Bray in 2008 with the aim of promoting environmental protection through certifications of sustainable […]

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Friend of the Earth® certified Sustainable Fashion brands under the spotlight at Pure London show


Friend of the Earth, the international certification program for sustainable textiles and fashion, will showcase over ten Sustainable Fashion Project brands at Pure London, the major UK fashion exhibition, from the 16th to the 18th of July 2023. Thousands of international buyers and producers, among others are expected to attend the show at the iconic Kensington Olympia […]

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Brazilian Dona Rufina fashion brand first to obtain Friend of the Earth certification for environmental sustainability and social accountability.


The fashion industry seems to be responsabile for 10% of CO2 emissions and 20% of global water waste. Cotton production alone consumes 24% of insecticides and 11% of pesticides used in agriculture, covering 3% of the global cultivate area. Poverty, unsustainable working conditions and gender issues are closely related to this industry, which employs 80 […]

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Bovinmarche, carni di qualità nel rispetto della Terra


Bovinmarche è il consorzio marchigiano di riferimento per l’allevamento. Con oltre 400 aziende che trattano ogni tipo di carne, la specialità ovina ha ottenuto la certificazione Friend of the Earth. Bovinmarche, nel corso della sua attività ultratrentennale è stato in grado di svilupparsi ed evolversi, arrivando a coinvolgere centinaia di aziende a livello regionale e […]

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Il fashion etico di Dona Rufina è certificato Friend of the Earth sostenibile, per l’ambiente e per i lavoratori.


Dona Rufina è il primo brand Friend of the Earth Sustainable Fashion Certified. Un progetto al femminile per valorizzare la cultura del feltro della Pampa brasiliana tra ambiente, sostenibilità sociale e recupero dell’identità locale.  Friend of the Earth, il progetto internazionale di certificazione di prodotti da agricoltura e allevamento sostenibile, lancia la nuova certificazione Sustainable Fashion. […]

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Friend of the Earth Launches Sustainable Fashion Certification


Encourages sustainable practices in the production and consumption of garments and textiles Friend of the Earth, the leading global certification standard for products and businesses that adhere to sustainable practices, announced today that it is launching a new certification for Sustainable Fashion. Businesses that earn the certification must pass an audit demonstrating their commitment to […]

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