Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta Joins World Sustainability Foundation: Lead Sustainable Environmental Initiative

Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta proudly announces its strategic collaboration with the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), globally recognised environmental organizations, to launch the groundbreaking initiative, «1 Guest 1 Tree Planted». Led by Bernhard Kammerlohr, Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta is committed to fostering a greener future by encouraging active participation from guests in tree planting endeavors.


In alignment with its dedication to conservation, Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta, in partnership with WSF, has selected the island of Java, Semarang, Indonesia, as the focal point for their ambitious tree planting venture. This deliberate choice underscores the hotel’s earnest endeavor to effect tangible change within the local ecosystem.


Through the collaborative efforts of WSF.  Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta extends an invitation to its esteemed guests to participate in the noble cause of reforestation in Indonesia. Starting from conventional approaches, where trees are planted on behalf of guests, the initiative encourages guests to actively participate in planting trees, fostering a strong connection with the cause and the whole region.


The project showcases a diverse array of tree species meticulously selected to thrive in the rich tapestry of the Indonesian ecosystem. The available species for planting include:


– Toona sureni: 4,047 trees available

– Parkia speciosa: 3,196 trees available

– Syzygium aromaticum: 13,611 trees available

– Tectona grandis: 3,495 trees available


By embracing this initiative, guests not only contribute to the rejuvenation of Indonesia’s natural habitats but also play a crucial role in combatting the adverse effects of climate change. Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta extends heartfelt gratitude to all guests who choose to be part of this respectful initiative, without forgetting it’s positive impact on biodiversity and local communities.


For further details regarding Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta’s «1 Guest 1 Tree Planted» initiative and how to engage, please visit Menara Peninsula Hotel.


Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta is fully committed to delivering exceptional service while actively participating in Sustainable practices. Nestled in the heart of Jakarta, the hotel offers comfort and convenience to its guests, all while determined to minimise its environmental footprint.


The World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) has established a collaboration with Tree Nation to develop a reforestation project in Indonesia. Tree-Nation is at the forefront of global reforestation efforts and environmental conservation. Through collaborative partnerships with organizations, businesses, and individuals, Tree-Nation remains steadfast in its mission to combat deforestation and limit the far-reaching impacts of climate change. The collaboration between WSF and Tree Nation promises to advance an important initiative to protect Indonesian forests and contribute to the global fight against climate change.

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