World Sustainability Organization launches Sustainable Travel Agencies Certification 

Globally leading sustainability certification organization, World Sustainability Organization (WSO), has launched the Sustainable Travel Agencies Certification as part of its array of multi-industry certifications. The Sustainable Travel Agencies certification is aimed at rewarding travel agencies which prioritise sustainable tourism.


For many years, travel agencies have served as a key factor in international travel; with an intermediary role between supply and demand in the tourism sector. 


Recent statistics reveal, the market size of the travel agency industry worldwide reached 475 billion U.S dollars as of January 2023. Roughly 201.4 thousand businesses operated in the market, while the industry employed approximately 2 million workers. 


Travel agencies have the ability to manage and influence sustainability initiatives, following the rise in sustainability consciousness amongst travelers worldwide. Agencies play a critical role in promoting sustainable tourism, by curating eco-friendly travel packages and promoting local tourism providers. 


WSO’s Sustainable Travel Agencies certification is awarded to travel agencies that implement measures to reduce, reuse and recycle all waste products. In addition, the agency must implement social accountability principles, and respect laws related to fair and safe working conditions for employees and collaborators.


The certification also requires travel agencies to donate at least 1% of profit to conservation or humanitarian projects, and provide at least 10% travel offers that donate to conservation or humanitarian projects, including a trip per year in collaboration with the World Sustainability Foundation.


The World Sustainability Organization delivers certifications based on 30 years of experience in the field, independently and by means of audits of accredited certification bodies; the requirements are strict, as proven by all benchmarks. It is the only sustainable certification process recognised and supervised by a National Accreditation Body, rigorous methods are also employed during the certification process with third party audits conducted. 


Based in Vienna, Austria, Nice Dive & Trips is the first travel agency to obtain the WSO Sustainable Travel Agency certification. Since its inception, Nice Dive & Trips has facilitated exceptional travel experiences with a focus on conserving biodiversity. 


Sustainable Travel Agencies are integral to increasing overall efforts towards sustainable tourism, the Sustainable Travel Agency Certification by the World Sustainability Organization is set to create a major shift in the tourism sector globally, by putting travel agencies at the fore of the sustainable tourism agenda.


Sustainable tourism is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.54%, adding $335.93 billion between 2023 and 2027. Companies bearing the Sustainable Travel Agency certification of the World Sustainability Organization are well positioned to emerge as leaders in the sector; demonstrating their commitment to a green future by facilitating tourism that takes full account of current and future environmental, social and economic impacts – while addressing the needs of visitors, the environment and host communities.


For further details, visit Sustainability Organization’s Sustainable Travel Agencies Certification or email



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