World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) and greenApes App forge a powerful alliance for environmental promotion


The World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) proudly announces a collaboration with greenApes Srl SB, a certified B Corp that has been pioneering eco-sustainability since its establishment in 2012. This innovative partnership marks a great step towards a shared vision of promoting sustainable living and environmental awareness on a global scale.

 A Web Application named GreenApes

greenApes Srl SB, known for its impactful mission, has developed a dynamic mobile and web application named greenApes. This app serves as a catalyst for individuals to adopt eco-friendly behaviors, bringing sustainability to the forefront of their daily lives. Leveraging gamification techniques, social incentives, and rewarding dynamics, greenApes certifies real actions, creating an engaging and immersive experience for users on their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Snow Leopard challenge set to launch    

A notable initiative within the greenApes app is the upcoming “Snow Leopard” challenge, set to launch on February 16th. This challenge invites all greenApes users to contribute points towards the purchase of camera traps aimed at monitoring snow leopards in Mongolia. 

As an incentive for participation, a special invitation code —LEOPARDI2024— has been reserved for users joining this environmental endeavor. Upon registering with the code, users will receive an extra 100 welcome points.

To gain further insights into the challenges faced by big cats and WSF’s efforts to safeguard and protect the Snow Leopard species, explore more at  Save the big cats.

greenApes Srl SB encourages a global community to join hands in fostering sustainable practices through its accessible app, available for free on iOS, Android, and the Web. The app seamlessly integrates education, interaction, and reward, making it a powerful digital platform for sustainability.

 Collaboration World Sustainability Foundation  

In collaboration with WSF, a non-profit segment of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO)greenApes aims to enhance its impact by integrating environmental education and conservation initiatives.

The World Sustainability Foundation, is at the forefront of protecting and enhancing the environment through sustainable development practices. With a global network and a steadfast commitment to citizen awareness, WSF leads impactful conservation projects worldwide. WSF is dedicated to land enhancement, marine and terrestrial resource protection, and campaigns to safeguard endangered species. Their proactive approach ensures a comprehensive and sustainable impact on the environment. WSF actively engages in citizen awareness initiatives, providing outreach materials and supporting companies in adopting sustainable production and new technologies. By fostering awareness, WSF contributes to building a global community committed to environmental stewardship, and this new collab with greenApes is a magnificent initiative to grow.

The Foundation is actively involved in numerous conservation projects worldwide and ensures a collaborative and impactful approach to global conservation efforts.

Individuals and companies Support WSF’s Projects

Individuals and companies alike are invited to support WSF’s projects by either making donations or choosing certified products. For businesses seeking to make a meaningful contribution to environmental stewardship, WSF offers guidance in selecting and participating in the most effective conservation projects worldwide.


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