FEGO: Pioneering Sustainable Fashion in Partnership with Friend of the Earth

We are thrilled to announce FEGO’s collaboration with Friend of the Earth, marking a significant milestone in our journey to champion sustainability in the fashion industry. Supported by the Swedish Embassy in Kosovo and implemented by Swisscontact, a Swiss organization, through Fostering Employment and Growth Opportunities (FEGO) project, this partnership underscores our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility, setting a new benchmark for excellence within the sector.


At the core of this project lies a profound commitment to sustainable fashion principles that resonate deeply with our core values.


A key facet of this partnership is the invaluable opportunities it offers to participating brands. Picture the excitement of showcasing collections at prestigious events such as Milan Fashion Week, where the global fashion community converges to celebrate the latest trends and advancements. Through FEGO and WSO’s collaboration, brands gain exclusive access to a dedicated showroom in the heart of Milan, San Babila, aptly named Sustainable Friends, serving as a focal point for industry exposure and networking.


However, our aspirations extend well beyond the confines of Milan. With a strategic focus on global outreach, participating brands have the chance to elevate their presence at two other prominent international fairs.


Our objective is to ensure that the brands aligned with us receive the acknowledgment they merit for their dedication to environmental preservation.


The Sustainable Fashion Partnership between Friend of the Earth and FEGO seeks to advance sustainability in Kosovo’s fashion landscape. Leveraging WSO’s expertise and FEGO’s support, this collaboration sets sustainability benchmarks for local enterprises. Initiatives like product placement and participation in international fairs facilitate global expansion for Kosovo’s fashion businesses.


We extend a heartfelt invitation to forward-thinking companies to join us in this endeavor, as we collectively shape the future of fashion through innovation, collaboration, and sustainability—one stitch at a time.


For further information on certifications, please visit: Friend of the Earth Sustainable Fashion.

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